What if Higher Education was more RELEVANT?

Written by JC Gonzalez

The skills gap data clearly indicates that college students are not learning the most relevant skills for jobs of today and tomorrow. Learning should be fun, engaging, and experiential. The learning experience should change in step with the world around us. Employers are seeking candidates who can think on their own, embrace ambiguity and diversity, are hungry to learn and grow, contribute to the solution not the problem, and are comfortable with technology – regardless of the position or industry. We owe it to our students to teach them the necessary skills – and mindset – to be standout candidates and add value to any organization.

The perception in the marketplace is the higher the tuition, the higher the quality of education one must be getting. Frankly, it’s a marketing play.

Let’s do away with grades and focus more on mastery. Let’s engage more with industry to ensure students are learning in-demand skills. Let’s make each student’s education a personal journey. Let’s utilize future-forward technologies that are shaping our lives today.