What if Higher Education was more ACCESSIBLE?

Written by JC Gonzalez

Education should be highly agile to adapt to the demands of customers – the students – not the other way around. Flexible options such as face-to-face vs. hybrid vs. online learning using a variety of current technology tools and platforms will enable more students to learn from essentially anywhere using a myriad of devices. The pandemic has proven that learning can continue online. Distance learning need not be inferior to face-to-face instruction. It can actually be even more engaging, as long as instructors utilize proper tools and methodologies.

Accessibility also refers to the ability for more people to have the opportunity to continue their education. Education is the door to opportunity and upward mobility. Everyone deserves this in life, not just the privileged. It’s time to break the systemic cycle of low-income youth not having equal opportunity to get a quality education. The more educated and innovative our population and the less student loan debt on our youth, the stronger our economy.

A rising tide lifts all boats.