how schools are using immersive technology today

How Higher Education is Using Immersive Technology Today

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This blog article explores how higher education is using immersive technology to enhance student engagement and improve learning outcomes.  Immersive technology is transforming the way universities and colleges provide engaging learning experiences. AR, VR, and 360-degree video enable students to experiment with 3D models, hone their soft skills for future employment, and participate in life-like […]

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How Predictive Learning Analytics Helps Deliver Successful Training Programs


Predictive learning analytics (PLA) allows L&D teams to reduce scrap learning in their programs. Organizations have realized most of what’s learned in training programs isn’t retained or used on the job, otherwise known as scrap learning. PLA combats this by helping companies anticipate individuals’ future learning outcomes. As with any modern business investment, L&D professionals […]

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