XR Learning Design

XR Learning Design

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Edstutia offers a 10-week Instructional Certification in Immersive Technologies, facilitated by a team of highly qualified instructors who train trainers, coaches, instructional designers, and other educators how to leverage XR tools to design and deliver engaging learning solutions. Read on to know how you can prepare for the future of learning and instruction, and lead your organization to be meta ready.


The future of learning is happening now. Employees who use VR and AR regularly in personal life– in shopping, entertainment, travel– expect similar immersive, engaging experiences in their training, and are disillusioned when bland online learning falls short. Organizations are struggling with low completion and engagement rates, and poor ROI when it comes to translating knowledge into practice. Dramatically increase learning retention rates as your company leverages immersive simulations over traditional desktop slides. You might acknowledge it’s time for virtual reality learning to become real, but how do you take the first step?


Enter the world of Edstutia XR Learning Design.

 Regardless of where your training programs stand today, Edstutia can help you begin to integrate powerful immersive experiences in two ways:

  1. Collaborating with your L&D teams to create and deliver immersive learning experiences in VR. 
  2. Preparing your instructors and instructional designers to craft their own immersive learning experiences by participating in our Instructional Certification in Immersive Technologies

Edstutia has developed the world’s first Instructional Certification in Immersive Technologies where L&D teams, trainers and instructional designers, teachers and professors, business leaders and independent consultants learn in VR and AR about leveraging these for enhancing learning experiences at their organizations.

The video you see is of an instructional designer, L&D manager, and a business unit leader working with a facilitator to understand using VR in learning design in a hands-on way: by meeting for a live, instructor-led session on Edstutia’s fully immersive VR campus. 

Learners watch a video in their VR meeting room, take notes on a mini whiteboard, record their individual reflections using a notepad, and are coached by the facilitator in their team project of determining how VR-specific learning metrics can be measured.

With Edstutia’s building blocks as a starting point, and through our structured instruction and individualized coaching, participants walk away at the end of ten weeks with an XR-enhanced learning experience they have designed, developed, and delivered – not to mention earning bragging rights with a digital certificate in immersive technologies!


To get the L&D functions and the organization meta-ready.


Understand the various ways XR can enhance training/L&D and create best practices and use cases for the company to adopt VR-enhanced learning.

Use Case Example

Let’s run you through some potential steps we might take in implementing XR into your L&D programs.

A leading human resources consultancy approached Edstutia about developing XR-enhanced learning for their online programs. They started by diving into both of our XR learning design solutions: enhancing existing programs with VR and AR, and enrolling their L&D team in Edstutia’s Instructional Certification in Immersive Technologies.

We worked alongside the HR consultancy’s Chief Learning Officer to understand immediate requirements. Through an audit of existing programs and technologies, we created a roadmap for key high-visibility and high-impact programs that could be immediately and seamlessly enhanced with our existing XR simulations.

We supported the L&D team in designing for success, providing orientation, tech-support, live consultation and metrics to measure the success of an XR-enhanced learning pilot program.

Edstutia’s dashboard helped measure the success of this pilot, with our consultants working alongside the consultancy to fine-tune their VR-enhanced learning program for the big roll-out.

We provided live tech-support and VR real estate while the consultancy rolled out their new and improved learning program throughout the organization.

The consultancy invested in their L&D talent by enrolling them in Edstutia’s Instructional Certification in Immersive Technologies. This ensured that XR design and development was not a one-and-done experiment, but started becoming part of their long-term strategic imperative in being first to the metaverse.