Team Building

Team Building

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Based on your responses, VR-Enhanced Training seems like it would be one of the best Edstutia solutions for your organization.  

Edstutia offers you an array of a-la-carte training programs, facilitated by a team of highly qualified instructors trained in leveraging immersive technologies. We also have a team of VR learning experts who can help organizations with the design and development of existing training programs using VR. Read on to discover how VR-enhanced training can significantly improve learner engagement and retention.


As if globally dispersed virtual teams were not challenging enough for forging bonds and a sense of belonging, employers now face a new challenge of managing hybrid workforces. How can organizations empower a diverse cast of remote collaborators and address what matters most in disrupted workplaces?


Virtual reality can help organizations reorient their diversity, equity,, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) initiatives in an innovative way and maintain a healthy dynamic within globally dispersed teams. Imagine your team members in Beijing, Sydney, Mumbai, Amsterdam, and New York engaging in a scavenger hunt in Edstutia’s fully immersive VR campus to support team building, collaborating, and perhaps even some healthy competition. How about problem solving your way out of a maze or a Pictionary on our VR whiteboards to reinforce your company culture? Team building does not need to be a once-a-year event that creates a financial and logistical nightmare.

VR Enhanced Team Building

The video shows learners doing a team building exercise using the Big 5 Personality Test. The facilitator used a VR scenario to help teams visualize their differences and collectively develop best practices to work together more effectively. Providing a psychologically safe environment to share results and differences helps people open up, build confidence, and appreciate diversity.


To facilitate better team coordination and work dynamic.


Understanding differences in personality and work styles to create best practices

Edstutia is one of the first companies in the world to develop team-building sessions in VR: our Metabreaks Series gives your employees the chance to take a quick break and connect with colleagues around the world in a fun, interactive format – then head back to work re-energized. VR becomes a highly effective “phygital” way of working and playing together that combines the efficiency of virtual teams with the sense of presence and collaboration that’s the hallmark of in-person work.

Use Case Example

Let’s run you through a potential use case scenario of where this solution could be impactful.

A consulting firm advising small and medium enterprises about best practices in remote leadership partnered with Edstutia to offer a smorgasbord of Metabreak solutions for teams. Some were in-person and appreciated the innovative way of collaborating virtually.

Others were virtual or hybrid teams who got to connect on multiple levels – analysis, communication, trust.

The result: A jump in employee engagement and satisfaction metrics within one quarter. And the best affirmation of all? A Metabreak participant saying how thrilled she was to simply turn her head around in Edstutia campus locations and find herself in the same safe, fun space as her co-workers from the U.S., Asia, Africa. Speak of remote leadership being made intimate and personable!


I recently facilitated a team building session in Edstutia’s Virtual Reality platform. It was just as effective, or more, as an in-person session. In fact, I found it much better than a Zoom meeting. Here are some reasons why. Facilitating the teambuilding session in a VR platform, I found participants to be completely immersed. They have a headset on, so they can’t divide their time on their laptop, their phone, with their attention to the session. Participants are less likely to have side conversations, although it is possible!
Caryn Lee