Virtual Reality


In the virtual reality space, VR is separated into two categories: 6DoF VR and 3DoF VR. DoF is short for degrees of freedom, and represents the number of axes that are tracked by a VR headset or VR application, and therefore, the level of autonomy that a person has while in VR. 3DoF applications generally allow users to look around a static space, but does not give users the ability to move around the space. An example of a 3DoF application would be a 360° video. On the other hand, 6DoF applications (“true VR”) allow users to not only look around, but also move around a 3D space. An example of a 6DoF application is a VR workspace, such as the Edstutia Campus. Using 6DoF hardware allows VR users to take advantage of its full potential, and unlocks new worlds and experiences from the comfort of a VR headset.