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Meet our team

The Edstutia team has grown and matured as Edstutia has evolved. What sets this group apart is the steadfast commitment to the business and a truly supportive, collaborative demeanor across the board. It is a true dream team combining exceptional leaders with decades of experience in corporate learning, coaching, teaching, curriculum development, and client services with a breadth of creatives (writing, video production, content creation, social media and more).

  • Christine Janssen, PhD slide image

    Christine Janssen, PhD

    Founder & CEO


    Dr. Christine Janssen, the visionary behind Edstutia, is a passionate creator, builder, and disruptor focused on the future of education. With a strong background, experience, and relentless energy, she is the ideal person to disrupt higher education and corporate training. After years as a student and professor, she recognized the gaps in current systems and designed Edstutia, a contemporary learning platform addressing the skills gap. Dr. Janssen holds degrees in Marketing, Global MBA, and a PhD in Business Education, with research interests in the future of education, virtual reality, and the metaverse.

  • Yogini Joglekar, PhD slide image

    Yogini Joglekar, PhD

    Chief Operations Officer


    Dr. Yogini Joglekar discovered her passion for virtual reality based learning in January 2021. Yogini brings decades of international corporate consulting and MBA teaching experience to Edstutia, where she and her team design, develop, and deliver hands-on, engaging VR-enhanced programs for industry and academia. As visiting faculty in UC Berkeley’s Entrepreneurship Certificate program, Yogini supports the next generation of startups worldwide. She is a Founding Member of Divershefy and advocates for equity and inclusion in workplaces.

  • Joseph Hernandez slide image

    Joseph Hernandez

    Sales Director


    As Head of Sales at Edstutia, Joseph boasts 7 years of invaluable experience in the edtech sector, where he has led sales team growth and nurtured early startups. A true pioneer in new learning technologies, Joseph is dedicated to creating diverse learning modalities and making education universally accessible. Driven by an insatiable intellectual curiosity, he thrives on driving business growth through strategic partnerships and data analytics. Since joining Edstutia in 2023, Joseph has been at the forefront of the company's sales efforts, utilizing data-driven decision-making to propel strategic growth. Beyond his professional endeavors, he finds joy in running, reading, and crafting robots.

  • Divya Susan Varkey slide image

    Divya Susan Varkey

    Head of Corporate Relations


    Divya Susan Varkey is a trainer, coach, and lecturer in Cross-Cultural Communication and Management. She has received wide acclaim for designing and delivering highly effective programs for companies like Boeing, Bayer, Nike, General Motors, Goldman Sachs, Mercedes Benz, Tata Steel, Swissnex, and the like for their multicultural teams and C-suite executives. As Head of Corporate Relations, Europe, Divya works with corporates to co-create Learning and Development strategies using Virtual Reality and the Edstutia platform. She lives in The Hague with her half-Spanish, half-Indian family and their in-house zoo of dog, cat, guinea pigs, chicken and a fish. When she is not working in front of a screen, she is busy getting her hands dirty in the family olive fields in Spain.

  • Jose Gonzalez slide image

    Jose Gonzalez

    Head of Marketing


    Jose brings over 20 years of work experience in various roles with companies big and small. He is a copywriter and marketer who looks to create real connections with all content he writes. At Edstutia, he strives to deliver the message of the benefits of using virtual reality for learning & development. He joined Edstutia in 2021 and has helped to shape Edstutia’s voice and message through website and social media content. He is also part of the team shaping the new Edstutia website experience in 2023. His passion for writing, marketing, and learning make him a vital member of the Edstutia team. When he’s not writing, he’s enjoying music, hiking, or watching movies with his family in Los Angeles, California.

  • Sanika Doolani, PhD slide image

    Sanika Doolani, PhD

    Head of Product


    Sanika Doolani is the Head of Product at Edstutia. Previously, she worked as a Product (UX) Designer at Salesforce. She earned her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) in 2021, receiving the Schuchman Outstanding Doctoral Candidate award for her work on vocational immersive storytelling training. With a background in Computer Engineering from the University of Mumbai and a Master of Science in Computer Science from UTA, Dr. Doolani's research focuses on Human-Computer Interaction, Immersive Realities (VR/AR/MR), AI, and Storytelling to enhance learning. She advocates for women in computer science and has practical experience, including an internship at The Walt Disney Company, where she developed AR apps, notably Toy Story 4 AR App.

  • Michele Oberly slide image

    Michele Oberly

    Learning Experiences Specialist


    Michele started out in L&D in the financial securities industry, and has continued to design and implement learning experiences in professional and education spaces with an emphasis on measuring learning outcomes. In her Business Development role at Edstutia, Michele helps clients understand the potential of virtual reality for a variety of use cases: immersive soft-skills training, executive coaching, onboarding, and teambuilding.

  • Amanda Parks slide image

    Amanda Parks

    ICXR Program Manager


    Amanda Parks, the welcoming face of Edstutia’s flagship ICXR program is an innovative creator, organizer, and leader focused on preparing learners for the work of the future. Amanda holds degrees in Business Administration, Studio Art, and Environmental Studies with interests in the future of work, game-based learning, and scalable training solutions. Amanda implemented new hybrid learning strategies combining instructor-led & asynchronous content before pivoting to immersive learning technologies. If you’re looking for Amanda in physical reality she’s likely on her yoga mat or at her sewing machine.

  • Renu Ramakrishnan slide image

    Renu Ramakrishnan

    Head of Partnerships & Engagement


    Renu Ramakrishnan’s multifaceted career of over two decades and across borders has taken her from marketing well known consumer brands to teaching university courses and facilitating corporate training sessions in the areas of Communication, Leadership and Intercultural Management. She deeply values learning by doing, collaboration, and nurturing relationships, and brings her rich international experience to Edstutia where she works with corporate clients and learners in their unique and enriching learning journeys using Virtual Reality. Currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Renu is a passionate cook and travel enthusiast, never missing an opportunity to try new recipes for anyone willing to join her around the table.

  • Anandam Ravi slide image

    Anandam Ravi

    Senior Learning Strategist


    I've been 20 years in Instructional Design Creating learning experiences, offline or online. I delight in analyzing, designing, and crafting Learning experiences as fun as river rafting! Content creator, visual storyteller, Design Thinker, Tester, repeater, inveterate tool tinkerer, Be it Excel or Word or a macro-enabled PPT, Articulate Storyline or Rise or ChatGPT, Or maybe brave new worlds, extended realities, Virtual and immersive in varying degrees. But I'm also a manager working with budgets and teams Doing the boring but critical work to realize dreams!

  • Xavier LeBlanc slide image

    Xavier LeBlanc

    Media Specialist


    Xavier LeBlanc has worked extensively within the media and entertainment industry for more than 10 years. He has directed music videos for Grammy nominated artists such as Skip Marley, and the Bob Marley estate. And as a broadcast television professional, he has produced broadcast news and entertainment programming on several networks. With Edstutia, Xavier incorporates his passion and love of creating content to help visually communicate Edstutia’s mission and ideas. When he is not busy creating, he enjoys pursuing his lifelong journey of fitness and nutrition.

  • Madisyn Villamil slide image

    Madisyn Villamil

    Content Coordinator


    Madisyn is a content writer and social media enthusiast from St. Louis, MO. She brings her passion for learning and marketing to Edstutia by creating content for Edstutia’s blog and social media channels. When she’s not busy crafting the perfect caption, Madisyn enjoys baking, visiting family in Colombia, and spoiling her three cats.

  • Erin Higgins slide image

    Erin Higgins

    Head of Outreach


    Erin has a background in people centered roles such as business development, fundraising, event management, and recruitment. Her strengths lie in relationship building and project management particularly with non-profit organizations and small businesses. Since joining Edstutia in 2021, Erin has been passionate about sharing the unique benefits of using VR within a variety of industries and professional organizations. In her free time, you can find her outdoors gardening, biking, running and boating with her family and friends in Sparta, New Jersey.