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The world has never been more connected, but in many ways, we’ve never been further apart.

Virtual platforms have replaced in-person meetings and the human connection that comes with it. Employee demands and expectations are on the rise. As a result, traditional methods of learning and development simply no longer work.

Edstutia was founded with the belief that there is a better way for people to connect, work, collaborate, network, and yes — learn.

Companies and industries across the board are in need of new ways to develop ‘power’ skills such as communications, as well as ongoing leadership skills and people management strategies.

Anything people-centric, especially with hybrid or virtual teams, is a great fit for VR-enhanced professional development because you are able to connect people in a new dimension no matter where they are physically.


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About us

Edstutia is an award-winning immersive learning company that offers a virtual campus with learner-specific functionality and experiences. The idea for Edstutia was born when Dr. Christine Janssen, a former business school professor and lifelong learner, watched with frustration as students graduated (or didn’t) college with loads of debt, but without the marketable skills employers were looking for.

While in academia, Chris had experimented with virtual reality in her Entrepreneurship classes and saw the potential for a deeper type of learning, one that is rooted in experiential learning to optimize engagement, outcomes, and retention.


Why we started Edstutia?

Our Mission

Our goal is to help organizations embrace new technologies and mindsets to better support the professional development of their workforce — especially with globally dispersed teams. As lifelong learners and believers in immersive technology, the Edstutia team is both well-armed and wildly passionate about the countless possibilities with immersive learning. It’s this combination of expertise and a cutting edge, data-driven learning platform, that make us your best choice for a partner in immersive learning & development.

In short, Edstutia is learning rewired.

Our innovative approach

Our virtual campus

Edstutia created a virtual campus with various venues for different types of learning. It supports both individual and social learning and can be accessed through a customized tablet. The campus is regularly updated to include social events, networking opportunities, and customizable learning experiences. Although using a VR headset provides the best experience, desktop and mobile versions are available too.

Immersive XR modules

Edstutia has developed a variety of products and services, including immersive ‘off-the-shelf’ modules on topics such as Mindful Leadership, Cross-Cultural Competence, Propelling Diversity, and Navigating Change. The content and modules are designed and delivered by leading XR-certified subject matter experts and the functionality on campus was created to optimize the learner experience.

The Instructor Certification in Extended Reality

In response to market demands, Edstutia has designed training courses to enable people-centric leaders such as Learning and Development professionals, HR specialists, and DEIB change makers, as well as professors, to learn the fundamentals of immersive technology and learning to begin integrating VR-enhanced training at their own organizations. The Instructor Certification in XR (ICXR) program is the only such program on the market today, and is a game changer for participants.

XR consulting and customized solutions

Edstutia offers consulting services to organizations interested in investing in XR, but uncertain where to start and how to develop an overarching immersive learning strategy. We can also develop customized content for clients who are more interested in outsourcing their professional development.

Our Vision

Edstutia’s long-term vision is to be the go-to source for learning about, designing, and deploying immersive learning experiences. Whether serving corporations, non-profit organizations, or individuals, our position as leaders at the intersection of immersive technologies and experiential learning means we strive to continuously improve your learner experience.

Technology will rapidly evolve over time, but the fundamental goal of making learning more engaging, relevant, purposeful, and FUN will remain intact.

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