Frequently Asked Questions

A VR-enhanced learning program uses a blended approach to learning. Participants meet via any virtual platform (Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, etc.) and complete a segment of their learning there before heading into the VR space to apply that learning.  This provides participants the opportunity to learn by doing. Each learning module combines classroom sessions with synchronous and asynchronous VR elements. Activities in VR can be measured in terms of your organization’s KPIs – engagement, retention, speed to skill and satisfaction.

Research in the VR learning industry shows that VR reduces training time by 95%. The learn by doing philosophy ensures engagement, retention and increases speed to skill. Besides, through VR, you save a lot of your costs spent on travel, accommodation and logistics.

Pretty much anybody in your company can benefit from VR-enhanced learning. New hires can be on-boarded quickly and efficiently through Edstutia’s VR platform. Upskilling can be done in a more engaging and effective way through VR. Hybrid teams can enjoy team-building activities in VR. Leadership teams can be coached within VR.

No. Edstutia has a fully immersive campus in VR that can be used for training, team building and onboarding.

All you need is a computer, Oculus Quest VR goggles and internet connection. If your company does not have an inventory of Oculus Quest VR goggles, and you are not currently looking to invest in them, Edstutia can rent them out to you in the United States and Europe*. Alternatively, we help you find a tech-partner that will rent them out to you in your respective geographical locations.

Edstutia provides sufficient hours of onboarding on VR, including one-on-one support as needed. We always have tech-support throughout our programs in case your colleagues need extra help.

At Edstutia, we believe in and pave an inclusive environment, even in VR. In the case of inability to use a VR headset, we have a desk top version of our campus that enables a level of interactivity while ensuring that participants do not miss out on the fun that their colleagues have within the VR space!

Some users do experience headaches and nausea in VR, especially if they are prone to motion sickness or have visual impairments. For this reason, Edstutia’s learning modules are designed to alternate between VR and the virtual meeting platform. We also recommend that users limit their time in VR to half an hour stretches.

At Edstutia, we understand that you may be using trainers that your learners are familiar with and who you would like to keep working with.  For this reason, we offer a Train-the-Trainer program whereby your preferred corporate trainer can be certified to use Edstutia’s VR campus.

You most certainly can. Just set up a consultation with us and we will support you with that.