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We offer XR enhanced modules and workshops, as well as team-building sessions and customized learning experiences specific to your organization.

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XR Learning Design

Edstutia provides purposeful XR Learning Design consultation that dynamically integrates extended realities with the newest VR and AR tools to rewire training needs. Work 1:1 with Edstutia's XR Learning Design Consultant to elevate your organization's learning and training experiences in the Metaverse.


Reduce onboarding time for your new hires by making the process contemporary, relevant and immersive using virtual reality. Edstutia’s fully immersive onboarding program provides you with a centralised, customised and data-driven approach to onboarding across all divisions. Experience higher productivity and compliance at a fraction of the cost of traditional onboarding.

L&D Training and Upskilling

Increase engagement, retention, satisfaction, and speed to skill with VR-enhanced L&D programs. Research shows that VR enhancement reduces training time by 95%. Edstutia offers a range of a la carte training modules, as well as the option to co-create your organization’s learning modules with you.

Team Building

Imagine team-building being as simple as putting on your VR headset, meeting on a virtual campus, and engaging with your team members in one of Edstutia’s team-building activities. Team-building in VR reduces the costs involved in traveling and logistics. Choose from our range of activities including Paint Ball, Scavenger Hunt, Barnga, Chinese Whispers and many more!

Pioneers in the World of XR

We are thought leaders and pioneers in the world of XR based learning for business, technical, and soft skills. Our instructors are trained to leverage VR and contemporary instructional design to ensure learners have an impactful, engaging experience with meaningful outcomes.

A Fully Immersive Virtual Campus

The Edstutia campus is one of the first fully immersive campuses in VR, and includes conference rooms, boardrooms, 360-degree immersive rooms, an outdoor amphitheater, simulation games, and so much more.

Providing Life-Like Simulations

Using VR, your multi-learner teams will work with subject matter experts and engage with life-like simulations and social scenarios where they can explore new realities, collaboratively tackle problems, and interact with one another with a true feeling of ‘presence’.

A Learn-By-Doing Approach

Like Edgar Dale, we understand that people learn best by “doing” and exclusively utilize experiential learning. VR based learning is shown to improve retention and engagement by 80%. Every Edstutia module results in a tangible deliverable, so employees have something to show for their efforts.


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Learners retain only 10% of what they read, but 75% of what they do.

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A good onboarding program leads to 69% of employees staying at least 3 years.

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Most Popular Modules for Your Team

Leadership in the 21st Century

Leadership in the 21st Century

Leaders today need to embrace new approaches and mindsets to navigate uncharted territory. How can you re-package your strengths and values with emotional intelligence, empathy, compassion, and consciousness? Begin by expanding your self-awareness. End up with a personalized leadership development plan.

Cross Cultural Competence

Cross Cultural Competence

Working in a global environment requires employees to understand, communicate, and effectively interact with people of differing mindsets, backgrounds, expectations, work ethic, etc. This requires a heightened sense of self-awareness about your own world view, values, biases, etc. This module will stretch you to see the world in a whole new way and not only acknowledge, but appreciate and embrace diversity across cultures.

Communicating in a Virtual World

Communicating in a Virtual World

Digital first communications have become an organizational backbone with geographically dispersed, virtual teams and the shift to a work from anywhere culture. In this module, we take a deep dive into effective virtual communication- from metaverse ready organizational strategies to tactical elements of omnichannel internal and external communication to the creation of an authentic, consistent leadership “voice” across multiple virtual avatars.

Propelling Diversity

Propelling Diversity

In this module, we use an assessment based approach as well as ethical and intercultural frameworks to create in-depth awareness around DEIB, and help organizations develop specific actions around people, product, and process in their journey to be diverse, inclusive, and equitable. Let’s explore how we can foster workplaces where employees of different cultural beliefs are able to bring their authentic, whole selves to work every day and are supported to rise through corporate hierarchies.

Team Building in VR

Team Building in VR

Your team no longer needs to take a day off for team building. No need to travel across locations and book resorts for one day’s activity. Just put on your VR headsets during one hour of every work day (or spread it across weeks) and meet on our Edstutia campus, – play a game of cards in our main hall, role play in our boardroom or dare to visit our VR Escape Room!

Leading Change

Leading Change

Organizations face a change dilemma. How can they set up their transformation initiatives for success in the face of a whopping 74% change failure statistic (McKinsey)? In this module, we explore how leaders can create a change mindset within organizations by focusing on the economics as well as emotions surrounding transformation programs that are a staple of workplace reality today.

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Real-Time Dashboard Insights

We are able to capture engagement in the VR headset and are working toward building a holistic system to capture, analyze, report learning engagement and retention.


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Training Relevant to Your Needs

We work closely with client partners to understand their specific training needs so we can develop and deliver relevant learning experiences – from workshops to team building events to intensive modules.

Onboarding Tutorials

We provide onboarding tutorials in VR to get learners acclimated to navigating in different dimensions using a variety of tools.

VR Headset Rentals

Don’t own a VR headset? No problem. We can lend your team Oculus Quest headsets for a nominal fee.

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