Instructor Certification in XR

About the Certification Program

Immersive technologies are the new frontier in learning

More than 51 % of companies (PWC, 2022) are already integrating XR into their strategic priorities.

Get ready to apply immersive technologies to your own training / teaching repertoire and organizational needs with our highly qualified SMEs and relevant content.

The Instructor Certification in XR (ICXR) program will open up your mind and fill your toolkit with the knowledge and skills needed to take your training programs to the next level.

Understand the current state and future potential of immersive technologies and the metaverse

Leverage emerging technologies for engaging, impactful training and teaching

Differentiate between immersive technologies—e.g., VR, AR, XR, MR—and understand use cases for industry and academia

Understand and apply best practices for creating VR- and AR-enhanced learning modules

Design a custom XR-enhanced learning module

Receive an digital certificate upon completion of the program

Why Should You Care?

Virtual reality and augmented reality make a compelling use case. XR training is estimated to contribute $294 billion to the global economy by 2030.

The remote workforce is here to stay, and as organizations rethink their workplace strategies (hybrid, in-person, or remote), XR provides an impactful, cost-effective option to deliver engaging learning experiences at scale and across geographical locations.

Teaching and training is at an inflection point: online learning holds great promise, but often fails to reach its full potential. This is often attributed to outdated delivery modes and content or lack of participant motivation. Research proves that learners forget 70% of the content within 24 hours and nearly 90% in a month. XR provides a new and interactive way of learning to ensure higher retention and engagement.

Whether you are working in or preparing for a training, teaching, or L&D career in industry or academia, XR learning design and delivery needs to be part of your repertoire with XR enhanced jobs projected to grow to 23 million by 2030.

Audiences We Serve

This certification is intended for educators and corporate trainers, L&D leaders and strategists, instructional designers, independent trainers and consultants, and other stakeholders who are interested in future-ready learning design and delivery.

Which audience do you most identify with?

Pain Points
  • Your employees are not engaged in or motivated with current training. This leads to reduced participation, completion and retention.
  • You are challenged to prove the ROI and learning outcomes of current training programs. This makes you unsure about the progress the learners are making and you are not sure which gaps in training need to be filled.
  • You have not embraced digital transformation in your L&D projects, and there is a knowledge and application gap with emerging technologies.
  • You’d like to leverage future-forward technology to increase learner engagement, motivation, and outcomes.
  • You want to capture key metrics to measure and monitor learner progress and the greater impact on your organization. 
  • You want to maintain a competitive edge in L&D program development and talent retention.
Pain Points
  • You are finding it difficult to navigate new realities in higher education such as attrition in student numbers, the balance between online, hybrid, and in-person learning, and the emergence of metaversities.
  • Your students are not engaged in or motivated with the current curriculum. This reduces their participation and affects content retention.
  • You know that Higher Ed needs to be more adaptive. You are actively seeking more tech-driven teaching solutions. You want to integrate immersive technologies into your courses to get students excited about participating and learning.
  • You want to teach courses that are highly relevant to industry demands as you know there is a growing need to equip students with relevant skills for tech-driven jobs.
Pain Points
  • You often run out of new ideas while looking for innovative delivery methods to keep the training sessions timely and interesting.
  • As an independent professional, you find it challenging to expand your professional network and to keep up with emerging learning technologies.
  • You want to learn how to integrate cutting-edge technology to give yourself a competitive advantage and attract/retain clients.
  • You’d like to learn with and from those who are using emerging technologies to understand when and how to incorporate them into training and coaching.
  • You are interested in leveraging opportunities with the metaverse to serve your clients.
Pain Points
  • You find that there is reduced engagement among employees in geographically distributed teams, and a lack of a unified organizational culture and sense of belonging.
  • Productivity within teams is falling short, with collaboration bottlenecks and employees who are not embracing digital transformation.
  • Existing DEI training programs are not delivering promised ROI and you are not seeing real and sustainable change with diversity and inclusion outcomes.
  • You want to incorporate interventions and training programs that can increase team engagement and create a strong bond with organizational culture.
  • You want to create a culture of innovation and trust among all employees and departments, and also add an element of ‘fun’.
  • You want to see your team embracing diversity and inclusion in practice, not just in theory.

How Our Program Works

This certification program has been designed to be experienced as an immersive learning journey, incorporating:

Weekly Zoom sessions with hands-on integrated VR/ AR experiences

A personalized digital portfolio to upload and share deliverables

Analyzing a variety of use cases to design a custom VR-enhanced learning module

Collaborative learning with teamwork and feedback exchange

Program Flow

The program runs over 10 weeks with a blend of live online instructor-led sessions and a variety of asynchronous content. 

Along with knowledge gain, participants work on additional assignments and projects for a scaffolded – yet independent – learning experience. This may include reading articles/reports, analyzing tools or use cases, hands-on collaborative sessions in VR and AR, design projects, and more. You should anticipate additional time to complete pre-reading/ pre-viewing assignments, work on a team project incorporating VR and AR, and to explore more resources independently.

Session 1 - Enter the Metaverse and VR Campus Orientation

Session 2 - Understanding the Virtual Reality Learning/Training Experience

Session 3 - Instructional Design for Extended Reality

Session 4 - VR Simulations and Learning

Session 5 - Learner Coaching Session - VR Module Design

Session 6 - Augmented Reality and Learning

Session 7 - Learner Coaching Session - AR Module Design

Session 8 - Learner Coaching Session - XR Enhanced Module Delivery

Session 9 - XR Metrics and Data Empowerment

Session 10 - XR Enhanced Learning: Reflections and Awards

The Value Received

In addition to a new, valued skill set and access to a network of other early adopters, participants will receive the following upon completion of the ICXR program:
  • Digital certificate of completion from Edstutia
  • 20 HRCI credits (if applicable)

The use of this official seal confirms that this Activity has met HR Certification Institute’s® (HRCI®) criteria for recertification credit pre-approval.



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Important Dates

Mark your calendars for the following:

  • Cohort Runtime: June 5, 2023 – July 31, 2023
  • Meetings: Every Monday at 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST / 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM CET and select Saturdays
  • Registration Close Date: May 22, 2023 at 11:59 PM CET

NOTES: Each program is capped at 15 participants, so register early. Weekly commitment includes 2 hours of live online and self paced asynchronous content, as well as pre- and post-session assignments to reinforce understanding and reflection.

Program Fee: $2500

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