Optimizing the power of Immersive Learning

Professional development that is engaging, impactful, and inclusive. It’s learning rewired.
Leveraging immersive technology...Today! Whether power skills or hard skills, immersive learning catapults the learning experience and improves outcomes. XR has the greatest utility and value when it comes to people-centric skills for a variety of reasons:
Impact Dale's Cone of Experience shows that doing leads to 90% retention, compared to only 10% for reading. VR and Edstutia improve engagement, outcomes, and retention through practical application and comprehensive progress tracking.
Low risk VR offers a safe and enjoyable space for learners to practice, experiment, and master skills and mindsets. It is particularly useful when the practical application is dangerous, expensive, uncomfortable, or stressful for learners.
Future forward The combination of external forces changing the dynamics of the workplace increased employee demands.
The power of immersive learning
Combining experiential learning with immersive technology leads to optimal learning outcomes. By providing hands-on experience in a virtual environment, learners can fully engage with the material and apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios.
Up to 90% of learning material is forgotten only one week after traditional training
VR learners train up to 4 times faster than classroom learners
15 min
A one-day, 8-hour session can be cut down to 15 minutes using virtual reality training
VR learners are up to 3.75 times more emotionally connected to content than classroom learners
Why VR? Why now? VR is the best tool for true immersive, experiential learning
Of companies are incorporating VR into their strategy
171 million
Number of people using VR globally
Improvement of knowledge retention through immersive learning
Our Products & Services Edstutia delivers a variety of data-driven VR experiences and simulations to catapult learner engagement and retention in a fun, collaborative way —led by a team of teaching and training experts that focuses specifically on the skills and mindsets that are in demand in the workplace today. Learn how Edstutia can take your business to new heights! See all our Products & Services
Instructor Certification in Extended Reality (ICXR)

Edstutia has created the world’s first Instructor Certification in XR program to provide learning professionals with the tools and resources to teach and train with immersive technology. Learners can then take those skills back to their own organizations to develop their own VR-enhanced programs.


Take your training programs to the next level! Your employees/students are expecting this.

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Our campus By leveraging XR in one of the world’s first fully immersive campuses in true virtual reality, we take experiential learning to the next level – beyond your expectations and imagination – to truly change the way we prepare people with vital skills. Take a Tour
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